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What is Delphi ?
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What is delphi ?

Delphi is a powerful development environment used primarily to build client/server applications for Microsoft Windows, with an emphasis on databases. Based on Object Pascal, it is object-oriented and was designed to give developers the ability to easily build applications with minimal coding required. It allows programmers to write application programs very quickly, by "plugging together" pre-written components (VCL).

What is VCL ?
The Visual Component Library is a framework consisting of classes and components that you use to create Delphi applications. This VCL is designed so that you can manipulate these classes within Delphi's visual environment, at design-time, while you create your application. This differs from many other development environments, where the behavioral and visual characteristics of your applications are handled at run-time. In Delphi, you modify the behavioral and visual characteristics of your components as you develop your application visually-although you can modify component behavior and appearance at run-time as well.

What's new in Delphi 6 ?
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Delphi Editions

- Delphi 6 Personal Edition
- Delphi 6 Professional Edition
- Delphi 6 Enterprise Edition

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